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To help our clients achieve the highest results on their marketing initiatives, we provide a variety of list services to reach your ideal buyer. These list services include: purchasing a targeted list, cleaning an existing list, or building a tailor-made list. Being able to identify your ideal buyer saves you valuable time and money.

Our purchased mailing lists demographics are quite granular allowing for high levels of specification including location, age, income, or household size. If you would like even further specification, we have created a team to tailor make a list to get to those companies or individuals that matter most to your business objectives. Also, to keep your customer data up to date, we provide services to build, update, segment, and clean your email lists.

List Services Include

  1. Purchase a Targeted List - We have partnered with reputable list providers to help us achieve the highest direct marketing penetration possible for our client and reduce cost.
  2. Build a Tailor-Made List- We have created our in-house team to create tailor-made lists. This service is utilized by our clients who want to penetrate a particular high-end vertical market.
  3. Email Database Cleaning and Enrichment
    1. Email validation, typo correction and spam trap protection of existing and incoming emails.
    2. Postal Appending - adds names and postal addresses to an existing email address database for multi-channel communications.
    3. Audience Connector for Facebook - Convert your existing contact database into audiences on Facebook, for both customer and prospecting data.

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