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Today's companies face costly and complex problems managing and marketing campaigns. As your external marketing department, we take care of all facets of your email marketing campaigns. We drive campaigns to achieve a reduction in costs, save you time and achieve increased awareness for your brand.

We can help you reach new prospects, and garner increased loyalty with your existing customers. We work with you to find your ideal buyer and create laser-focused campaigns to drive leads. With our programs, we keep your customers coming back for repeat business.

We utilize our robust email marketing platform that allows us to create, integrate, manage, and measure diverse elements of your marketing campaigns. We create engaging emails and newsletters designed to meet the highest deliverability standards as well as promotional landing pages for effectively soliciting calls to action.

We will help you deliver the right message to the right audience, giving you the results you need. We offer attractive designs that are pre-configured for optimal delivery success. We take care of the details, so you don’t have to.

We offer

  • Email creation – Responsive design so that your emails can be read on any device and email viewer to keep your conversion rates high.
  • Contact management – Keeping your contact base organized and allowing you to create filter based lists on the fly is a fundamental part of our email solution.
  • Email set up and deployment – A simple, easy approval process will get your emails out fast, and delivery specialists catch potential problems beforehand.
  • Analytics with custom reporting – We have designed reports that you can use and which allows complete traceability of delivery and response.
  • High volume – We can send out emails to your entire subscriber base in a matter of hours.

We take care of your Email Marketing details so contact us today for a free quote.

Marketing Peer is a full-service Web, Marketing, and Public Relations agency based in Los Angeles and Boston.


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