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With our excellent printing and affordable mailing solutions, we help you create an effective direct mail marketing campaign. We design mailers based on your key messages that have proven results for your particular business. In this age of digital, print still holds value, and we help you maximize its effectiveness. With our services, you can stand out from your competition delivering print mailers right to your prospect's and customer’s mailbox. We offer services that includes design, printing, and delivery.

Our team of graphic designers and marketing specialists are experienced to deliver an effective direct mail marketing campaign. Whether it is a postcard, brochure, leaflet, or flyer, we are here to assist you. We partner with the largest mailing house locally and nationally to ensure only the most affordable delivery rates.

We mail to a targeted list, or you can send us a customer or prospect list. Our mailing list demographics are quite granular allowing for high levels of specification including location, age, income, or household size. Being able to identify your ideal buyer saves you valuable time and money.

Contact us as we can offer you a solution to your promotional mailings.

Marketing Peer is a full-service Web, Marketing, and Public Relations agency based in Los Angeles and Boston.


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