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Mobile Marketing (SMS Marketing)

According to The Pew research Center, 95% of Americans now own a cellphone of some kind and 77% a smart phone. Furthermore, there is a 96% open rate on text messages leaving a tremendous marketing opportunity for a mobile marketing strategy. This is a direct channel that within seconds enables your targeted message to be delivered to your customer enhancing your loyalty campaigns. The creativity here is endless to drive sales and engage your customers.

Mobile marketing offers the ability to engage with customers near instantaneously. As a society, we are consumed with mobile device and major brands are turning this to their advantage. Companies are offering rewards systems built for checking into their location, texting for special offers and scanning a QR code. It has changed the nature and speed of consumer behavior. We help you keep pace and put mobile in your marketing mix.

SMS marketing is permission-based, and we work with you with incentives and plain old customer satisfaction to ensure your customers are opting in.

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