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SAAS Solutions Info Sheet

We build cloud software applications for our clients. We have expertise building solutions for AWS and Azure platforms. Our works include a SAAS application for Web Content Management and another one for Digital Campaigns.

Our Web Content Management system can be used to create interactive, dynamic and functionality driven websites, with effective user interfaces backed by quality programming. These websites offer flexibility, branding appeal, customization and sophistication far beyond what you will find in a traditional static “do it yourself” website. Our system helps to create an attractive return on your investment in your website as it goes beyond content management providing add-ons for interaction and transactions with your customers. The system has been advanced into solutions for industry verticals functions including E-Commerce.

Our Digital Campaign Management system provides a single dashboard to create, deliver and manage campaign elements including Email, Microsites, Landing Pages, Web Advertising, Mobile Messaging, and Blogs. You can use this SAAS solution to create sophisticated campaigns easily and for maximum effectiveness. Enterprise Class Features for Multi-Variate testing, Campaign Analytics, Customization of Design and Delivery are included.

Strategy Consulting is an important part of our services portfolio. We provide strategy consulting to help increase your business ROI as well as enhance your Image in your target market segments. We will engage with you through conference calls as well as personal meetings, taking your input combined with our own detailed research.

Contact us to develop your SAAS application or to use our advanced SAAS solutions for a web presence that will deliver a strong ROI.

Marketing Peer is a full-service Web, Marketing, and Public Relations agency based in Los Angeles and Boston.


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