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We can help you to improve the visibility of your website with search engines and advance in rankings. We work with you align your content and keyword selection with your web marketing strategies.

The requirements for web presences have changed considerably in recent years and so have search criteria of users and ranking rules of search engines. Websites that follow older axioms as standards are not a great reflection on a company and/ or its products and services, and also a detriment to your Web Marketing Strategy. One of the important things in modern web presences these days is the use of large, beautiful images— photos and videos, blogs and newsletters. We create high-quality images and infographics as well as provide blog tools inside your website to assist in your SEO strategy.

Marketing Peer helps determine meaningful engagement levels on Social Media and its value in the marketing mix. Social Media can be an effective launch tool for your business if used judiciously and strategically integrated with your website.

SEO Services include the following:

  1. Keyword research and analysis for keywords or phrases.
  2. Competitive analysis for main keywords/key phrases.
  3. Analysis of site architecture and linking structure.
  4. Analysis of content, HTML and page design structure.
  5. Recommendations for 1 through 4, above, as well as for necessary
    modifications to essential page text elements for achieving satisfactory
    search engine placement.
  6. Recommendations for improvement of page titles and meta tags for site pages.
  7. Manual submission of web site to major search engines.
  8. Analysis and recommendations for external links to site.
  9. Analysis of your website for image and video suggestions
  10. Creation of videos and images to assist in your web presence

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Marketing Peer is a full-service Web, Marketing, and Public Relations agency based in Los Angeles and Boston.


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