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Marketing Peer delivers modern web designs with enriching user experiences. Our designs adapt to a range of popular devices and browsers used today so that your clients can transact with you even when they are on the move. We provide a Dashboard for Web Content Management and your updates sync with a Cloud Content Management System or with your own on-premise back-end solution.

Responsive design is more the norm now, and it is essential to design applications in a manner such that they function seamlessly across devices of different sizes and resolutions. Given the increasing number of popular devices, user expectation focused not only on content, but also on its organization and delivery. Marketing Peer’s responsive design incorporates present day technology and frameworks to keep user experiences consistent.

Marketing Peer incorporates clear fonts, rich images, infographics, embedded video and other content to communicate your message to your customers. With people often using larger and high-resolution screens, use of images and video content enhances user experience.

Modern navigation relies more on scrolling and lesser on clicks. Clicks do help to separate choices, but scrolling helps to navigate content better and faster. Marketing Peer works with you to determine the navigation that best suits your customers. Even for websites with the most complex functionality, we keep interfaces simple and easy to use. With attention to detail, we ensure positive user experience.

New launches are helped immensely by teasers and gamification of content. Marketing Peer has helped launch several products and initiatives with campaign pages that spiked interest. We aligned Search Engine Optimization techniques to fit marketing and business development goals. Campaigns went viral on social media and generated a large list of prospects well before launch day.

Our Web Designs Deliver

  • Friendly User Interfaces.
  • Perceptive Navigation.
  • Interactivity
  • Organized Workflows for business

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Marketing Peer is a full-service Web, Marketing, and Public Relations agency based in Los Angeles and Boston.


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