We offer a Free Analysis to see what marketing services are the best fit for your business.   We deliver a quote to determine the services that will not only fit your budget, but gain maximum ROI for your business.  Whether you are on a shoestring budget or are in an expansion phase of your business, we are here to partner with you in each stage.

What drives us is your development and reaching new milestones. We understand that not all organizations have large budgets for marketing and public relations campaigns, that’s why we have put together a variety of solutions specifically addressing the small business owner.  Whether you have an internal marketing team or are looking to outsource marketing functions, Marketing Peer fills the gap with all-inclusive as well as individual service offerings.


Price Plans

Services Plan: This plan was specifically designed for the business who already has full or partial internal marketing in place, but needs support with specific services outside their bandwidth or realm of specialty.  

Project Plan: This plan is for the business who desires Marketing Peer to be their external marketing department on a project based level.  We are fully in the trenches with you on all marketing actions needed to accomplish a specific stated objective.

Executive Plan: This plan is designed for businesses who desire high-level executive project implementation not only impacting the Marketing department, but the entire organization. The objective is to create systems and projects that streamline your company resulting in growth and success of the project throughout the entire organization.

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Marketing Peer is a full-service Web, Marketing, and Public Relations agency based in Los Angeles and Boston.


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